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It can be tricky to tell whether a website is ‘secure’ because the folks who make gambling sites can be quite technically savvy, and they’re able to look precisely like any other website. These sites track whatever that you do about the websites, such as: how many times you see, just how much you invest, and the way your gaming patterns alter. Be mindful that these websites are intended to cause you to believe that you’re excellent in those games. It’s frequently a fantastic strategy to take regular breaks when you’ve seen a computer screen for quite a while, and this is particularly suitable when gambling on sports betting. When you get a few names on your listing, do some research on the sort of facilities that some excellent internet poker room ought to provide? Some websites provide free games so that individuals may ‘practice.’ Based on reliable statistics, the whole amount of individuals that are into online gaming could be approximately 1.6 billion, which is over the inhabitants of important nations such as India and China looked in separately.

To learn more info, you may don’t hesitate to explore their webpage qiu qiu online. Then they utilize this information to market to you quite efficiently. These websites utilize the most recent encryption and security technologies to make certain your information is as secure as it could be. How can you know a website is protected? People have won cash on offshore websites, only to discover their bet has been stolen, but they never watched their winnings, and also, the website has afterward been closed down. As soon as you’ve used a website, they may send you promotions and offers; these are intentionally made to entice you back into the website so that you gamble your cash. Following your budget has struck on the accounts; it is time to dive into the action! When winning in the clinic, games do not expect to have exactly the exact effects of the compensated games.

The function that players wager on might be any number of things, from the outcomes of a horse race to a presidential election. On the flip side, a great number of folks hope for picking the cash, making online games to ensure by winning these games that they could get the ideal range to enjoy those matches. But before doing this, we’ll have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming so the readers can determine the principal reasons why a greater quantity of individuals throughout all age categories flock to the kind of gambling. A lot of folks think that playing on the internet is insecure, and additionally, it is dangerous and insecure. Being around people may help talk a larger wager, to let you slow down or have a rest, or to encourage us to follow a reduction. Should you gamble, there’s a risk that there’s nobody about to assist you.…

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Jeff Loomis playing at the Fastback studio

You’ll find below Jeff Loomis, former guitarist of Nevermore and now in a solo career, playing with a LÂG Tramontane T100ASCE-BLK, one of the LÂG best sellers.
Enjoy this acoustic session recorded in the studio where he was recording his new album.…

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U44 are now available

Many ukulele players were complaining about the lack of a entry-level product in the ukekeles range. It is not the case anymore as LÂG Guitars is happy to announce the launch of a new series, the U44 one.

With body, back and sides in mahogany and a satin finition, the U44 series offers a pretty nice look and a clear sound for an affordable price. It is available in two versions, the sprano one (U44S) and the Concert one (U44C).…

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2011, a successful year for LÂG Guitars

2011 was a special year for LÂG Guitars as the company was celebrating its 30th birthday. But it became a fantastic year as the French manufacturer has collected several awards throughout the year.

2011 started with another NAMM Best In Show award, the second in a row. This award was given during the NAMM Show, the biggest music trade show of the year. The Lâg Tramontane range has been elected “best product in its category”.

In December came the confirmation of the excellent quality of LÂG Guitars as Musical Merchandise Review claimed the Lâg Tramontane range the best acoustic guitar line of the year precising: “remarkably high quality instruments with a top-notch European lineage”.

With the opening of a new factory in China in the coming months and international ambitions, LÂG GUITARS hope to satisfy the increasing demand.…

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Acoustic guitars for an electric world

Electric players such as Gus G, Richie Kotzen or Josh Rand are found of their Tramontane guitars.
Lâg acoustic guitars have been awarded Best Acoustic Line of 2011 by MMR Magazine.
Quality and style have been highlighted by the magazine.
Top electric players share the same views and are now playing Lâg Tramontane guitars.…

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Tramontane Range Overview

Building on a very solid foundation, the LAG Tramontane acoustics keep the much admired LAG Gallic flair evident with some great aesthetic touches such as the signature Headstock design and rounded, soft-edged binding.

(Prices indicated are UK RRPs, and are liable to change without notice)

The starting point is the T66 range.
With a deep-gloss finish, the affordable T66 Standard Range guitars look as good as they sound. The spruce tops and mahogany back and sides are accented by distinctive black and ivorine binding.
The necks are finished in French Satin for feel and comfort. All Standard Range electro
models use the DirectLâg preamp, and a saddle-mounted Shadow Nanoflex™ pickup.
A wide range of body shapes are available with prices ranging from £185.00 for the basic T66D dreadnought model, and rising to £309 for the T66D12CE 12 String electro cutaway.

Offering premium Red Cedar solid tops the next step is the T100 Range, bringing together a world of woods to create superb-sounding instruments. Available in Natural, Black, and Brown Shadow gloss lacquer finishes, each model looks superb and individual, plus all cutaway electro versions benefit from StudioLâg electronics and Shadow Nanoflex™ pickups. Finely crafted, these instruments are ideal for the guitar enthusiast or the on-the-road professional. Prices start from £305 for the basic T100D rising to £435 for the Dreadnought, Auditorium or Nylon string electro cutaway variants.

The T200 Range offers an elegant French Satin finish. These solid Red Cedar tops are expertly matched to the Old Port Mahogany back and sides using rosewood and maple binding. The result is an instrument that’s looks subtle and possesses a balanced, vibrant sound. The T200 electro cutaway models are also the first to be fitted with the STUDIOLAG-Plus preamps system. Matched to Shadow’s Nanoflex pickup system, the STUDIOLAG-Plus has all the presets of the standard model, but has the added benefit of a high-accuracy tuner and a bass/treble EQ sweep.
Pricing starts at £345 for the basic T200D dreadnought, and rise toward £500 for the dreadnought, auditorium, jumbo or nylon string electro cutaway versions.

The T300 Range offers a French Satin finished, solid Red Cedar top, providing a warm, rich sound and very ‘earthy’ appearance. The back and sides are made from Indonesian Rosewood and bound with Rosewood and Maple. The basic dreadnought model -T300D -comes in at £455, with the STUDIOLAG Plus preamp equipped electro versions pitched at £605. The T300AE is a particularly striking model.

Although based at a similar price level as the 300 series, the T400 models differ materially and tonally. Thanks to the solid Sitka Spruce tops and Rosewood back and sides, the T400 range deliver a bold tone with refined articulation that is designed to ‘cut through the mix’ in any live or recorded situation. As all of the T400 models, the basic dreadnought T400D neck is finished with a French Satin and is priced at £510. Electro versions are priced from £655. A notable model within the range is the T400J12 which is a …

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Josh Rand loves his Lâg Tramontane


Lâg: The House Of Gold & Bones – Part 1 came out on 10/22 and Part 2 is coming in the spring/summer of 2013. This a double concept album…what is the concept?

Josh Rand: The concept is really a morality play wrapped in a sci-fi fantasy story. The ‘hero’ wakes up in this strange world he doesn’t understand and we see him make his way through it. But the center of the story is simple: who are you going to be for the rest of your life? Are you going to evolve into the man or woman you’ve always had the potential to be, or will you stay the same and make the same mistakes as usual? It’s about change and decisions.

Lâg: What does it sound like, compared to Audio Secrecy?

Josh Rand: These records are a lot darker and heavier than Audio Secrecy. It’s us getting back to our roots.

Lâg: How much time did you spend in the studio?
Josh Rand: We spent three months recording 23 songs.

Lâg: Which Lâg guitars did you use to record the new album?

Josh Rand: A TN300A14CE nylon and T300DCE. I just received the custom Tramontane acoustic that Lâg made for me and it rules. I love it!

Lâg: Did you use different tunings other than standard E?

Josh Rand: For this record, there are five different tunings:
1. Eb – everything tuned down one half step.
2. D – everything tuned down one full step.
3. C# – everything tuned down one and a half steps.
4. Drop B – everything tuned down one & half steps, drop low C# string to B.
5. G# – stupid low. Played with baritone guitar.

Lâg: Are there any tours planned to support the release of the new album?

Josh Rand: Yes, we’ll be touring until the end of next year all around the world.

Lâg: I hear there will be a comic book ?

Josh Rand: The comic will be a four-part miniseries that follows the short story written for the albums; a visual representation of the whole thing. It will add another dimension to the overall experience…you can read the story, you can listen to the music and lyrics to essentially get the internal dialogue of the characters, and with the comics, you’ll be able to see the world and really put yourself in their shoes. The first issue will come out in April 2013.

Lâg: Sounds awesome!…

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