Building on a very solid foundation, the LAG Tramontane acoustics keep the much admired LAG Gallic flair evident with some great aesthetic touches such as the signature Headstock design and rounded, soft-edged binding.

(Prices indicated are UK RRPs, and are liable to change without notice)

The starting point is the T66 range.
With a deep-gloss finish, the affordable T66 Standard Range guitars look as good as they sound. The spruce tops and mahogany back and sides are accented by distinctive black and ivorine binding.
The necks are finished in French Satin for feel and comfort. All Standard Range electro
models use the DirectLâg preamp, and a saddle-mounted Shadow Nanoflex™ pickup.
A wide range of body shapes are available with prices ranging from £185.00 for the basic T66D dreadnought model, and rising to £309 for the T66D12CE 12 String electro cutaway.

Offering premium Red Cedar solid tops the next step is the T100 Range, bringing together a world of woods to create superb-sounding instruments. Available in Natural, Black, and Brown Shadow gloss lacquer finishes, each model looks superb and individual, plus all cutaway electro versions benefit from StudioLâg electronics and Shadow Nanoflex™ pickups. Finely crafted, these instruments are ideal for the guitar enthusiast or the on-the-road professional. Prices start from £305 for the basic T100D rising to £435 for the Dreadnought, Auditorium or Nylon string electro cutaway variants.

The T200 Range offers an elegant French Satin finish. These solid Red Cedar tops are expertly matched to the Old Port Mahogany back and sides using rosewood and maple binding. The result is an instrument that’s looks subtle and possesses a balanced, vibrant sound. The T200 electro cutaway models are also the first to be fitted with the STUDIOLAG-Plus preamps system. Matched to Shadow’s Nanoflex pickup system, the STUDIOLAG-Plus has all the presets of the standard model, but has the added benefit of a high-accuracy tuner and a bass/treble EQ sweep.
Pricing starts at £345 for the basic T200D dreadnought, and rise toward £500 for the dreadnought, auditorium, jumbo or nylon string electro cutaway versions.

The T300 Range offers a French Satin finished, solid Red Cedar top, providing a warm, rich sound and very ‘earthy’ appearance. The back and sides are made from Indonesian Rosewood and bound with Rosewood and Maple. The basic dreadnought model -T300D -comes in at £455, with the STUDIOLAG Plus preamp equipped electro versions pitched at £605. The T300AE is a particularly striking model.

Although based at a similar price level as the 300 series, the T400 models differ materially and tonally. Thanks to the solid Sitka Spruce tops and Rosewood back and sides, the T400 range deliver a bold tone with refined articulation that is designed to ‘cut through the mix’ in any live or recorded situation. As all of the T400 models, the basic dreadnought T400D neck is finished with a French Satin and is priced at £510. Electro versions are priced from £655. A notable model within the range is the T400J12 which is a superb 12 string Jumbo model which retails for £559.00.