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Many of the slot machine games found at Titan Casino online are based on Marvel Comics superheroes, and it’s easy to see why. With their fantastic powers and unforgettable storylines, Marvel’s characters are each one of a kind. As a matter of fact, there’s even a great Marvel Roulette game that adds superhero fun to the classic table game.


But not all the slot games are based on Marvel favorites. Take Cowboys and Aliens, for instance. Who needs a caped crusader when you’ve got two of the best fantasy elements rolled together into one perfect story?


Westerns and sci-fi adventures have always been two of the best genres of fiction, and with Cowboys and Aliens slots, you get both together. From the original graphic novel to the blockbuster movie, and now the Titan Casino slot game, there’s been no shortage of greatness in the series. Let’s delve into the story.


By The Book

Cowboys and Aliens originated in 2006 with a graphic novel, based on characters created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, with help from illustrator Dennis Calero.


In the novel, which takes place in the Old West in the 1870s, two gun-slinging cowboys are hired to protect a caravan that’s headed to Arizona but being ambushed by Apache Indians. The two men, Zeke Jackson and Verity Jones, are in the middle of trying to protect their men when an alien spaceship crash-lands in a desert, led by Commander Rado Dar. The aliens exterminate the Indians, but the two men are able to escape. For the rest of the novel, they fight to save the Earth from the murderous aliens who seek to conquer the planet.


On The Big Screen

The movie picks up right where the comic book left off, bringing Rosenberg’s story to life with the help of an A-list director (Jon Favreau) and a star-studded cast. The two cowboys are played by Daniel Craig, who plays an amnesiac, and Harrison Ford, who plays an older, wealthy cattleman. They encounter a mysterious traveler, played by Olivia Wilde, who helps Craig’s character in a time of need.


Craig’s character, Jake Lonergan, wakes up in the desert one day to find himself injured, with a strange metal object on his arm and a fuzzy memory. He’s forced to fight off three attackers before eventually encountering a sheriff who recognizes him and wants to arrest him. Eventually he finds himself fighting off three demons at once – the law, the aliens and himself.


In The Casino

At Titan Casino, Singarepo casino online Singapore online casino  you can relive the hit movie with a thrilling slot machine game that brings the story to life with a goofy, cartoonish feel. Cowboys and Aliens is a 3-by-5 slot game with a top payout of up to 10,000 times your line bet. In the long run, the game pays out over 94 percent, so you’ll get a good value for your money. There are also wilds and bonus rounds which could offer extra cash, crazy multipliers and ammunition that will help you gun down the aliens and potentially take home a fortune.


Which do you prefer, Western or sci-fi? With Cowboys and Aliens, there’s good news – you don’t have to choose, because you get a little bit of both. Check out Titan Casino’s Cowboys and Aliens slot machine and get in the game at their instant play casino.