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Technology has always played a role in the development of gambling practices, and new technologies such as Internet gambling may provide many people with their first exposure to the world of gambling. Further to this, Internet gambling could be argued to be more psychologically enticing than previous non-technological incarnations of gambling because of anonymity, accessibility and interactivity. Although Internet gambling is considered to be at an early stage, rapid growth of Internet gambling will continue. Internet gambling is at the cutting edge of future entertainment and the number of sites and users will rise dramatically over the next decade.


Online gambling industry

The on-line industry is growing rapidly. However, the industry is worried about the possibility of an Internet betting ban by the U.S. government. Several attempts have been made to pass bills banning Internet gambling, but so far, none have succeeded.

And there is a lot of competition in the on-line gaming industry.

There are basically four types of gambling sites on the Web. First, there are on-line lotteries. These are ordinary lotteries where you can buy lottery tickets. Second, there are sports and race books where you’re allowed to place bets on the outcome of sports games or races. Sports books currently make up most of on-line gaming. The advantage of sports books is that you don’t have to trust a gambling site to find out if you’ve won; wins and losses are public information.

Third, there are on-line casinos that include slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps and various poker games. These are pretty much amount to what is available on many video lottery terminals (VLTs) in other provinces. Also available in this category are card rooms where you can play against other players rather than against the house.

There are also a number of information sites about gambling, including on-line gambling book stores, sites that sell information (so that the punter can determine his or her best bets) and teach people how to gamble.



It is interesting, that general attitudes toward gambling seem to be quite negative (i.e. many people speculate it being addictive, unhealthy, etc.), whereas attitudes toward Internet gambling appeared quite positive.


There is also a determine minority of women who think that Internet gambling may be a more positive experience than visiting the male-dominated environment of the bookmaker. Those women believe the Internet is not intimidating, but is safer and more fun. Internet gambling may therefore provide a safe forum for women wanting to gamble – at least from a perceived point of view.


Besides that, since many teenagers now have access to the Internet either at home or at school, there has been a pressing concern that children and adolescents will take up gambling on the Internet.


Nevertheless many traditional demographic factors, such as sex, age, region and socioeconomic factors, are not particularly forceful factors in Internet casino en ligne francais gambling. It`s turned out that only marital status can be related to Internet gambling. Previously married (widowed, divorced) people are significantly more likely to report on-line gambling compared to those who were married.


Problem Gambling

On the plus side, on-line gambling is more affordable than casino table games. However, on-line gambling may offer a greater potential for incremental betting, which could lead to problematic play. On-line gambling offers the potential ability to monitor gamblers in order to detect problematic patterns of play, such as incremental betting and frequent re-buy-ins, which could then automatically trigger information about problem gambling.

Availability is a more difficult issue. On-line casinos are available from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Autolinks could encourage a winner to try to win more, or a loser to try another site to win it back, and e-mail ads could induce a relapse.

It has also been speculated that structural characteristics of future software programs might promote addictive tendencies. Structural characteristics (i.e. features which manufacturers design into their products) promote interactivity and to some extent define alternative realities to the user, allowing them feelings of anonymity. These features may be very psychologically rewarding to individuals with compulsive tendencies.

Though all of these questions can as well concern live gambling in a way, cyberspace is a very special area. As it provides with a grand amount of services and information, creates a new alternative reality and attracts a huge audience of those who usually stays away of certain activities, like gambling or anything else. Amongst these latent consumers Internet companies discover a fertile field to promote their products and develop the business.

Nevertheless the all-out competition forces to perform more efficiently to survive and gain the users` attention, especially of those who now can be interested in a new kind of entertainment. That`s why involving new gamblers is a key issue for successfulness. But here they face with a strong distrust to the entire industry. We observe around the rough manipulating of our perception in various advertising activities and take it as a lack of conscientiousness. People cease assimilating their calls and do not respond to them sufficiently. Gambling`s usually regarded as a temptation to waste your money. Casinos get their profits by making you lose your mind and consequently your money. Breaking this stereotype seems to be very attractive trend in Internet gambling evolution. That means not only accenting on the client personality, his needs and interests (beside the most used money interest), but also on preventing different manifestations of addictive gambling and declaring fair service.