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As I watched the heads-up match, I was struck by the manner in which Surinder conducted himself. He was stalwart and untouchable. When I later asked him about his play at that crucial time, he said Tony G. was trying to get to him, but he remained like a manikin, barely accessible and hardly hearing Tony G. at all. He explained that he doesn’t play many tournaments anymore because of the rigorous concentration that is required.

I was told a story about Surinder’s concentration, which he verified during our interview. He was playing a no-limit hold’em tournament at The Bicycle Casino years ago. There were three players left when his friend Devilfish Ulliott approached and told him that Princess Diana had tragically died in a car accident. Although he felt like he could think of nothing other than the tragedy, he turned inward to the place where he has total concentration and still won.

After watching hours of continuous taunting, and seeing Surinder remain expressionless, it was no surprise that after he won, he for the most part continued to remain unresponsive. In many of the victory photos, Surinder remained inexpressive, as if he wasn’t exactly there yet.

Surinder Sunar’s Inspiration

Although both of Surinder’s parents are deceased, he remains exceedingly close to one family member. His Grandfather Shiv Singh is a healthy 104 years old and still lives in Dhinpur Punjab, India, where both Surinder and his grandfather were born. They both speak Punjabi, which is a Hindi dialect.

Surinder will soon go to India to visit his grandfather. He mentioned that his grandfather is the only human being he knows who has lived through three centuries. When Surinder visits his grandfather in India, he loves being there and feels that he can finally relax and feel calm. The photo below depicts Surinder with his grandfather 17 years ago, when Surinder first began playing poker.

Surinder is also close to his older brother, Onkar, for whom he has the utmost respect. When Surinder was 7 years old, his parents moved the family from India to England. Onkar inspires Surinder because of whom he has become, given the adversity they faced as children. The young boys came to England not speaking the language, and Onkar worked very hard to become a successful engineer and now is the CEO of a successful situs judi poker company. Not only has Onkar earned a black belt in karate, he has achieved the honor of a 6th Dan (called a Rokudan). He taught Surinder, who also is a black belt. His teaching helped give Surinder confidence, patience, and a sense of calm.