Preview: South American under-20 Togel championships



For those looking for a sneak preview of the names that will light up World Cups and the UEFA Champions League in the near future it’s eyes down for a full house in Venezuela.


Scorching heat and searing ambition mark the Togel kick-off of the South American under-20 championships in the north-east tip of the continent.


From January 19th through to February 8th youngsters from the top 10 Latin American footballing countries will contest the championship. As well as aiming to achieve glory for their nations the players will also be hoping to leave their mark on the scouts in the stands.


A host of luminaries have already chosen the Suamericano tournament to showcase their talent to the world. Enzo Francescoli, Romario and Adriano have all topped the goal scorers chart at this prestigious championship.


With so much pride at stake the super-powers of South America never take this competition lightly. Brazil have won the tournament a record nine times, Uruguay have seven titles and Argentina have bagged four along the way.


This year’s championship will be contested in three stadiums throughout Venezuela. The three stadiums will be Puerto Ordaz, Maturin and Puerto La Cruz which were all put to use when Venezuela hosted the 2007 Copa America


Venezuela stepped in to host this tournament when Peru were stripped of their right to play host by FIFA last year due to political interference from their football association.


The competition’s format is two initial groups of five teams which play each other once. Group A is made up of Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and hosts Venezuela. Group B contains Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. As with every group stage competition the championship has a ‘group of death’ and that tag is bestowed on Group B in Venezuela.


The top three sides in each group then proceed to a final group stage of six teams. The country on top after this six team round-robin will be crowded the 2009 South American under-20 champions.


Only the four top teams from the event will qualify for the FIFA under-20 World Cup in Egypt later this year. Seven of the last eight winners of this youth World Cup have been CONMEBOL sides.


In total the competition will feature a whooping 35 games, an ample dose for any football fan with an eye on the latest players to drop off the South American production line and into Europe’s top leagues.


Team-by-team insight:




The Albiceleste come into the tournament with a very strong pedigree. The winners of the under-20 FIFA World Cup in Canada two years ago have Argentina’s 2008 Olympic gold medal coach Sergio Batista in charge. Even though Franco Di Santo and Pablo Piatti have not been released by Chelsea and Almeria respectively the squad is still as strong as any at the competition. Batista was able to prize away Emiliano Insua, the left-back who was enjoying a …

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Kop Domino Qq Charter



Today is a milestone for the world-famous city of Liverpool. 800 years ago, the city was granted its charter and the unique, historic, cosmopolitan melting-pot of Liverpool was born.


Its dialect and its people are Scouse – a stew made of many ingredients – and its symbol is the iconic Liver Bird. One team in the city of Liverpool carries its name. One team carries the city of Liverpool’s symbol. One team spreads the city’s l Domino Qq name far and wide.


Ask anyone, anywhere in the world if they know of Liverpool and they’ll tell you yes – that’s where The Beatles are from. And Liverpool F.C. Part of LFC’s folklore is its famous Spion Kop. And in reminding ourselves of the city’s history and traditions on the first day of its 800th Birthday, it’s worth reminding ourselves, the latest custodians of the famous Kop, of some its own principles.


  1. We are only custodians. The Kop is a spirit, an attitude, the heart and soul of Liverpool F.C. No-one owns it, but together we are a legion, a force like no other.


  1. There is no other. The Kop is a one-off. It’s the cradle of terrace culture, humour, songs – the original 12th Man. The Kop innovates. It has never followed. As Liverpudlians, we should never follow the rest of country’s trends and fancies. Whether that takes the form of lower-league grade chanting, overhead seal-clapping or the wearing of yokel-style head gear, The Kop deserves better.


  1. “Liverpool F.C exists as a source of pride for its supporters. It has no other purpose.” If that is the club’s pledge to us, here’s ours to the team. “The Kop exists as a bastion of support. We will get behind the team through thick and thin. We will, always, give them strength.”


  1. It’s the law of nature that fans have favourites. Let’s leave the negative stuff in the pubs and schools and wherever else there’s a debate to be had. Once we set foot inside Anfield, we are Redmen and we have one purpose; to help the team win.


  1. Let’s get inside the ground earlier. This is all about playing our part in making Anfield special, and providing the backdrop and the inspiration for the team to walk tall. It’s also about letting the other team know where they are. When they come out to warm up, we want our heroes’ hearts pumping – and want the opposition shrivelling. Everyone loves a pre-match pint, but let’s get The Kop rocking, too.


  1. On 15th April 1989, many thousands of us set off to support our team in the semi final of the F.A Cup. 96 of us never came home again. We will always honour the memory of those who died at Hillsborough. In our respect for them and their families, and in our disdain for the unprincipled and unregulated hacks who scared up a shameful pack of lies out of a desperate
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Kosmina elected unopposed in Bandar Togel Online, Sydney



It’s federal election time in Australia, and while the rhetoric and shameless baby-kissing might not be to every taste there is one aspect which promotes a mildly inquisitive response: the live TV debate.


Prime Minister John Howard and PM-hopeful Kevin Rudd went at it earlier this month in the battle to be the next Aussie leader, Rudd conclusively coming out on top according to most.


With three weeks of the election campaign still to endure, time will tell whether the nation’s esteemed political commentators or indeed Channel Nine’s unofficial approval ‘worm’ were more accurate in their forecasts.


But one thing remains certain: Howard and Rudd could not have been given a more democratic platform on which to state their respective cases.


Which brings me to the latest goings on at former glamour club Sydney FC.


Head coach Branko Culina was extended no such niceties before last week’s axing less than a quarter of the way through the two-year contract he earned after a successful probationary period guiding Sydney in the AFC Champions League.


No time to turns things around, no opportunity to explain, no second chance.


The season was nine weeks old, Sydney had lost four times at home and Culina was history.


It seems that Culina, although a technically capable coach, had lost the dressing room through his mishandling of the side’s more sizable egos and with crowds and the embattled club’s ladder position simultaneously dwindling, Sydney’s board acted swiftly and brutally.


Before you could say grand final mauling, John Kosmina had been anointed at the 2005/06 champions.


Kosmina, Sydney’s fourth coach in just over two seasons, polarises football opinion more than any political leader.


If there’s one thing true of the incorrigible Kossie it’s that you’ll never reach a consensus.


Accused by his detractors of being old school, his Bandar Togel Online supporters respond by saying that’s exactly the type of leader Sydney need.


Suggest he’s a hothead and get rebuked for wanting to see the passion disappear from the game.


Applaud his coaching nous in guiding Adelaide United to the inaugural premiership and last season’s grand final and critics point to his contribution as assistant coach in Australia’s failed Asian Cup campaign.


Kosmina hadn’t even been formally named as Culina’s successor before Sydney’s Daily Telegraph helpfully published the coach’s recent ‘rap sheet’.


It included such gems as him threatening to punch ex-Queensland coach Miron Bleiberg for insulting his players and grabbing Melbourne captain Kevin Muscat around the throat when the pair clashed in the technical area during one heated game.


That incident earned Kosmina a four-match touchline ban (plus counselling) which the former Socceroos striker swiftly trumped when he received a five-match ban for calling referee Matthew Breeze a cheat moments after last season’s preliminary final victory.


Kosmina was still in the midst of serving out that suspension when he guided Sydney to an emphatic 3-2 victory …

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Why You Must Bandarqq Go in 2010



There are two broad types of fans, those who attend matches in the flesh and those who don’t. OK, it is impossible to get tickets these days to Premiership games so one is forced back into the armchair with the remote control and a PC to mull over the media coverage of the sport.


But there is a third type and that is the fan who travels to away games but not the match. A scarce species in the domestic game and at qualifiers but found in huge numbers (e.g. 80,000 English fans in Cologne) at a World Cup or European Championship Finals.


What made this World Cup for me were the legions of travelling fans, the vast majority without a cat’s chance in hell of a ticket, who came to the host country to cheer their team alongside thousands of others in the same boat. Previously travelling to a World Cup entailed having a ticket or attempting to obtain one, but no longer.


If someone says they are going to a Bandarqq World Cup now one automatically does not assume it is to get inside the stadium, or even near the host city.

This has been a phenomenon I have only noticed previously with Welsh rugby fans, who, when the dragons are playing in Dublin for instance, will travel to a random Irish city to watch the game and then sail home the day after.


At this World Cup I witnessed several such ‘odd’ gatherings such as legions of Croatian fans, bedecked in their tablecloth flag and with replica shirts, scarves and face paint on the occasion of their nation’s match with Brazil in Berlin, but they were stood in front of a big screen in Hamburg.


Some of the best fans left the tournament too early – the Australians, Koreans, Polish and Dutch and once again it was confirmed to me how the fun level diminishes after the first round.


It really was a supporter’s World Cup, as the fan fests confirmed. Let’s face it the footy wasn’t that memorable. Take away Italy’s classy execution of the host nation in Dortmund, Zidane’s thuggish au revoir to the sport and that Argentina goal against Serbia that let every man on the field plus the groundsman and a few ball-boys have a touch before it crossed the line and it was not a WC to remember on the field.


Australia’s comeback against Japan was somewhat memorable, as was Custer’s last stand when a nine-man USA held off the eventual winners Italy, plus the card-fest of Portugal v Holland but overall it was more an Italia 90 than a Spain 82.


There were no Cameroons of 1990 or South Koreas of 2002. Only T&T;’s draw with Sweden had a whiff of the plucky underdog heroism we eagerly anticipate each World Cup. And Zidane apart, whom we knew rather well already, were there any real stars to savour this time?


But …

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Women Judi Slot Poker Players Step Into The Spotlight



There is no reason for women not to be able to compete on equal footing against men playing a game that requires brains and not brawn. Several Togel Hongkong women are among the top players in the game today, including Cat Hulbert and Barbara Enright, who has a trio of World Series of Poker championship gold bracelets adorning her wrist and the distinction of being the first woman poker player ever to make the final table at the World Series of Poker main event.


Even so, the popularity of poker as Togel Hongkong television entertainment has reached such heights that Binion’s Horseshoe Casino & Hotel in downtown Las Vegas has announced it will be the site of the inaugural Women’ Poker Club Showdown Tournament September 9 through 11.


The Women’ Poker Club (WPC) lists 700 members among its ranks. Many women players who find live poker room play intimidating and unfriendly have found online casinos to be a suitable alternative for their passion. For some, the upcoming Las Vegas tournament will be their first experience in a “brink and mortar” environment.


“Many men seem to feel that women are easy targets at the poker table,” said Maryanne Morrison, president of the WPC. “Yet our WPC tournaments have proved tougher competition than most mixed events I have participated in. Women are outstanding contenders in this sport.”


The main event at Togel Hongkong Binion’s will be a No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament on Saturday, September 11. The buy-in of $100 plus $25 will create a prize pool estimated at over $10,000.


“It will be an exhilarating three days, with optional poker classes and social events built into the tournament agenda,” Morrison said. “Many judi slot members know each other from playing online and sharing strategy in our forum. The WPC Vegas Showdown will give them a chance to met and compete face to face. This is the next step in encouraging more women to be immersed in poker and leveling the playing field.”


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Face The Ace Fails Community Togel Online Standards Test




NBC’s prime time Saturday poker show, Face The Ace, had only 1.46 viewers in its second showing.  Things could have been worse as the program apparently didn’t lose many viewers (debuting with 1.59 million).  As it turns out, Face The Ace is not being broadcast in all markets.  Salt Lake City residents are being deprived of the show, which may not be such a bad thing based on the critical panning.


KSL Channel 5, the local television station owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, won’t air the prime-time poker game show Face the Ace, saying the subject of gambling does not meet “community standards.”


“The whole idea of gambling is an issue for us, and so we have chosen to pre-empt it,” said KSL general manager Greg James. “We talked about it [with KSL’s programming director and the station’s senior managers], and we didn’t feel it matched up with community standards.”


KSL pre-empts other poker shows appearing on the Peacock network, including its late night installment of Poker After Dark.


NBC, however, Togel Online calls Face the Ace a “game show,” and says it arguably doesn’t involve gambling because contestants play without the risk of losing their own money.


Gambling is banned in Utah as is any state lottery.


The Salt Lake City NBC affiliate is not alone in its stance.  Both the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Houston, Texas NBC affiliates refuse to air Face The Ace because of policies banning gambling.


Media and Racism Watchdogs Must Stop Racist Witch-Hunt!


“If the media and oversensitive racism watchdogs continue this witch-hunt for racists, they are doing more to slow relations between races than to improve them.”


So writes Ricky Bauer of Gambling Review, one of many online gambling and poker information websites commenting on this week’s controversy suggesting that poker pro Daniel Negreanu might be a “racist”.


The uproar began after Thomas Somach, a special contributor to the website and the proprietor of, authored an article asking whether “Negreanu was a racist” following one of his weekly blog entries.


“Negreanu made some outrageous comments about the sensitive subject of race, comments that would have created a firestorm if Negreanu had any relevance outside the poker world but which have been generally ignored because he is, after all, just a poker player,” Somach wrote.


Bauer had this to offer up in defense of Negreanu:


“All the man did was ask a question about a double standard that exists. Having grown up a product of both races, I am continually upset and offended by the oversensitivity in our culture towards racism and the abuse of the term. It is a sensitive topic, which is why the media jumps all over it for sure, but labeling people racist all willy-nilly does more harm than good. For starters, whoever is labeled the racist is usually damaged severely. Their family and professional lives are often …

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If you’re looking to strike gold then now’s your lucky chance!


Our Gold Rally jackpot is poised to burst and the name of the game couldn’t be more fitting when you consider the size of the jackpot. At the time of writing, the Gold Rally jackpot stands at over €782K (more than $1M), and climbing!


That means when you play Gold Rally slots you could become rich within a single spin of the reels (i.e. instantly).


This 9 reel, 8 payline progressive jackpot slot game features all the gold digging equipment you’ll require on your virtual gold-digging expedition with mining symbols including sticks of dynamite (the bonus symbol), pick axes, gold weighing scales (the scatter symbol), and a lantern.


In addition to the ultimate jackpot (and other payouts in between), there is also a bonus game which is triggered when you get dynamite sticks in all four corners of the game.


Other than that, it’s a pretty simple video slot game, with a fun gambling theme.


So if you want to strike it rich fast, seize the moment and play Gold Rally progressive jackpot slots at Titan Casino today. Someone is going to win the big prize. It might as well be you. Hurry up for your big chance!




The New Year 2011 has started off well for a number of players  trusted online casino Singapore at Titan Casino.


Over the past month, four of our players have had particularly big wins, each playing a different game.


The first big casino winner of 2011 was Stig H of Norway on January 2nd when he won NOK 98,290 playing Standard Fivereel, a popular online slots game.


The next big win of 2011 came less than two weeks later on January 15th when Klaus V of Germany won €32,233 playing Premium European Roulette. Premium European Roulette of course, is as the name implies an online version of high-class European roulette.


Then, the following week, on January 21st, one of our Australian players, Vyacheslav K, won $25,987 spinning the reels of Pharaoh’s Secrets. In all likelihood, Ancient Egypt has never looked better to this Aussie!


The biggest win of the New Year so far, however, goes to Guiseppe P of Italy who won €72,882 playing Fantastic Four slots on February 4th – a truly Marvel-ous start to a New Year.


To join these Titan Casino players on our big winners list, simply download Titan Casino, make a deposit and start playing.


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Many of the slot machine games found at Titan Casino online are based on Marvel Comics superheroes, and it’s easy to see why. With their fantastic powers and unforgettable storylines, Marvel’s characters are each one of a kind. As a matter of fact, there’s even a great Marvel Roulette game that adds superhero fun to the classic table game.


But not all the slot games are based on Marvel favorites. Take Cowboys and Aliens, for instance. Who needs a caped crusader when you’ve got two of the best fantasy elements rolled together into one perfect story?


Westerns and sci-fi adventures have always been two of the best genres of fiction, and with Cowboys and Aliens slots, you get both together. From the original graphic novel to the blockbuster movie, and now the Titan Casino slot game, there’s been no shortage of greatness in the series. Let’s delve into the story.


By The Book

Cowboys and Aliens originated in 2006 with a graphic novel, based on characters created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, with help from illustrator Dennis Calero.


In the novel, which takes place in the Old West in the 1870s, two gun-slinging cowboys are hired to protect a caravan that’s headed to Arizona but being ambushed by Apache Indians. The two men, Zeke Jackson and Verity Jones, are in the middle of trying to protect their men when an alien spaceship crash-lands in a desert, led by Commander Rado Dar. The aliens exterminate the Indians, but the two men are able to escape. For the rest of the novel, they fight to save the Earth from the murderous aliens who seek to conquer the planet.


On The Big Screen

The movie picks up right where the comic book left off, bringing Rosenberg’s story to life with the help of an A-list director (Jon Favreau) and a star-studded cast. The two cowboys are played by Daniel Craig, who plays an amnesiac, and Harrison Ford, who plays an older, wealthy cattleman. They encounter a mysterious traveler, played by Olivia Wilde, who helps Craig’s character in a time of need.


Craig’s character, Jake Lonergan, wakes up in the desert one day to find himself injured, with a strange metal object on his arm and a fuzzy memory. He’s forced to fight off three attackers before eventually encountering a sheriff who recognizes him and wants to arrest him. Eventually he finds himself fighting off three demons at once – the law, the aliens and himself.


In The Casino

At Titan Casino, Singarepo casino online Singapore online casino  you can relive the hit movie with a thrilling slot machine game that brings the story to life with a goofy, cartoonish feel. Cowboys and Aliens is a 3-by-5 slot game with a top payout of up to 10,000 times your line bet. In the long run, the game pays out over 94 percent, so you’ll get …

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America’s trend-setting casino resort has flirted with several transformations during its 100-year history, but today, reports David Usborne, Glitter Gulch is back to its old saucy self.

Las Vegas has a dirty secret. The neon city in the desert that for decades has lured visitors with the promise of gambling, high-kicking showgirls and no-rules naughtiness was first settled by Mormons from Salt Lake City in 1855. Fortunately for the town’s reputation, however, the missionaries didn’t stay long.


If you look hard enough, you will find a small section of wall of the original Mormon fort and mission in the old downtown. But no one will encourage you in your quest. This year, Las Vegas has declared itself merely 100 years young and the theme of its centenary is hardly religious respectability. After flirting in the 1990s with transforming itself into a family destination, with theme parks and rides for the kids, America’s capital of whirlwind weddings and DIY divorces has rediscovered its old saucy self. Its latest tourist slogan says it all: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”


The return of sin, if it really ever disappeared, is noticeable everywhere. Last weekend, the city was host to the annual porn video awards in the five-star Venetian Hotel. The pirate-ship battle outside the Treasure Island Hotel has been renamed “Sirens”, and the crew of one of the galleons is now female (and scantily clad).


The theme park that briefly blossomed behind the massive MGM Hotel closed down recently and even the city’s much ballyhooed attempt to embrace high art has taken a hedonistic turn. True, the extension of the Guggenheim Museum, also in the Venetian, is showing works by Lautrec, Rodin and Picasso, but the theme of the works is reflected in the exhibition’s title: The Pursuit of Pleasure is with เว็บคาสิโนที่ดีที่สุด


“As much as the city has changed, some things stay the same,” noted Stacy Allsbrook, a native of Las Vegas charged with planning a full year of centennial celebrations, including the world’s biggest birthday cake and a huge outdoor concert with big-name performers (she won’t say who) on the 4 July holiday. After all, she adds, “we have some very interesting roots, some real famous roots and some real infamous roots.”


There is no need to elaborate. The celebrities of the Las Vegas timeline are well known: Elvis wed here, the rat-pack – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr et al – entertained here, and so did Liberace. Howard Hughes hid in his Desert Inn suite here. And, of course, the mob ploughed its ill-gotten gains into Vegas, providing the cash for the first glitzy casinos after the Second World War.


The official story of the centenary goes like this: on 15 May 1905, bidders gathered in a dusty spot that is now the old downtown for an auction of 110 acres beside the newly opened Los Angeles-Salt Lake City railway. The land was sold for $1.25 an acre, …

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Harrah’s Togel Entertainment considering a move into the UK casino market



It is as yet unclear whether the New York listed company will wait until the merger is completed before making a move, but it is known that Harrah’s chief executive Gary Loveman wants to expand the group’s overseas activities due to a drop in share prices due to concerns of ’soaring construction costs in Las Vegas’.


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Harrah’s Entertainment, the world’s largest gambling company, declined on Monday to comment on weekend reports that it is interested in acquiring two British casino operators that are in the process of merging.


The London Times reported on Sunday that the Las Vegas-based company was studying a proposal to buy Stanley Leisure Organization, which is in talks to acquire London Clubs International in a deal estimated at $1.2 billion.


“We don’t comment on market rumors,” Harrah’s spokesman Alberto Lopez said on Monday.


Bear Stearns analyst Joe Greff, in a research note on Monday, wrote that the acquisition could make sense, at the right price.


“The British market is in the midst of a rapid expansion, and a British presence would serve as a good base for watching over Harrah’s European growth projects, namely in Spain and Slovenia,” the analyst wrote.


In addition to those two European sites, Harrah’s, which in May lost out to rival Las Vegas Sands Corp. in a competition to build Singapore’s first casino, is working on a casino project in the Bahamas and plans to redevelop its operations in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Biloxi, Mississippi.


Greff wrote that at current stock prices, a deal to acquire Stanley Leisure and London Clubs would be roughly neutral to Harrah’s earnings per share, but the deal would dilute earnings per share at higher prices, excluding possible cost savings or revenue gains.


Report warns DTI of Britain’s Togel gambling addiction


Professor Jim Orford submitted a report to the Department of Trade and Industry stating that gambling could be one of Britain’s most serious addictions by 2026 because of the new relaxed gaming laws.


Prof. Jim Orford, teaches clinical and community psychology at the University of Birmingham, said that the laws governing the industy would have problems keeping pace with the technological advances in gaming, which include internet gambling, spreadbetting and mobile betting, and problems associated with excessive gambling would be concealed for some time.


“The problems are not suddenly going to be in the headlines,” he told the UK Times newspaper. “The effects on families, in particular, do not get much publicity.


“The Government, strongly pressured by the gaming industry, has gone for a major liberation of gaming and everybody I have spoken to thinks that will increase the number of problem gamblers.”


Orford also told the paper that he didn’t think ministers had ‘given enough attention’ to the public health aspect of problem gambling, or to whether the public had in fact wantd the relaxation of laws.


His report, which was commissioned by …

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