Gone are the days when Silicon Valley twentysomethings dropped tens of millions of dollars on the high-end tables of South Strip casinos, their fortunes disappearing like so many failed dot-coms.


The big-time bettors of currency crisis-plagued Brazil and Argentina have evaporated with the value of their bank accounts.


The premium gamblers of the economically troubled countries of Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand are slowly returning to the desert city, although their numbers remain down from a decade ago.


That leaves the booming economy of mainland China to mint the freshest millionaires for the Strip’s ultra-chic salon prives.


It’s a troubling dynamic for a town that is largely dependent upon cocky free-spenders to bet big bucks against the house.


“Portfolio wealth has been damaged globally. There’s a lot of paper UFABet wealth that’s diminished,” said University of Nevada, Reno professor Bill Eadington.


Nevada casinos saw their take from baccarat — the favorite card game of Asian high rollers — fall 28.7 percent to $375.5 million during the 12 months ending June 30, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. That followed a 10 percent decline to $526.7 million in the 12 months preceding June 2001.


Overall, Nevada’s 342 casinos saw their haul from gamblers fall 3.7 percent for the budget year to $9.3 billion, with the Strip’s take dropping 7 percent to $4.5 billion.


“After September 11 they were filling hotel rooms with slot players as opposed to high-end table games players,” said control board statistical analyst Frank Streshley.


To be certain, the Strip’s high-end casino tables continue to make money from wealthy bettors — just at a more modest level.


“We still don’t have a lot of the high-end people coming back,” Streshley said.


The fortunes of the Strip’s lavish gambling parlors are largely dependent upon jet-setting casino marketers who move about a tight-lipped world of overseas trips, wild dinner parties and one-on-one relationships.


In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, international high-roller travel to Las Vegas plummeted nearly 75 percent. Domestic high-end travel fell by half.


Yet, the biggest of the big gamblers — with $300,000-plus credit lines, who make average minimum bets of $6,000 a hand, 12 hours a day for three days a pop — have largely returned.


“If you look at the very high end of our business, it’s very good,” said one Strip casino marketer, who requested anonymity.


It’s the next tier down where the drop-off is found.


The gambler with the $50,000 to $300,000 credit line, who bets at least a $1,000 a hand over three days, has grown skittish.


Like anyone who monitors the mania that is today’s financial markets, premium gamblers are worried about their investment portfolios.


“There’s less people with less discretionary income on the high side,” the marketer said. “Everybody is skeptical with the marketplace, even though I believe we’re doing better than we projected.”


The troubles …

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ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

RPGHost.com Announces a premiere Internet RPG Convention – CyberCon

June 22-24th, 2001, RPGHost.com launches CyberCon I, a premiere online role playing games convention featuring and sponsored by such industry giants as S. John Ross, Gold Rush Games and E. Gary Gygax, co-author of Dungeons and Dragons.


21 May 2001 — The RPG Host network, a network of 14 RPG sites representing over 2.5 million page views and 150,000 unique visitors per month, announces its latest creation – CyberCon. CyberCon is a premiere RPG (role playing games) Convention held live on the Internet using powerful virtual table top tools and techniques to enhance the visitor’s playing experience. Following in the footsteps of traditional conventions, CyberCon will also feature industry guest speakers, presentations, vendor booths, special pricing on RPG items, a live auction, contests, prizes and open chat. The Con will be held June 22nd through 24th, 2001 at http://cybercon.rpghost.com


RPG Speakers include Gary Gygax, co-creator of the original “Dungeons and Dragons” game and creator of the new “Lejendary Adventures”; S. John Ross of Cumberland games, makers of PDF and print supplements for games by White Wolf, Flying Buffalo, Last Unicorn and others; and Rich ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Garner from Eternal Tempest Productions, producers of “Metalface” and “Legendary Kingdom.”


Mr. Gygax noted “As the founder of the GenCon convention it must be obvious that I love such events. For some time, though, work considerations have made it impossible to attend all the cons I would like to go to. Then along comes Cybercon…hooray! I can be at a virtual event without leaving the house. No big expense, no downtime, and lots of fun. Okay, not quite like being at a physical event, but the next best thing. Being able to add Cybercon to my list of conventions is great, and I urge all to attend and share the fun.”


RPG Vendors already promised to the event include White Wolf, makers of the poular “World of Darkness” games including “Vampire, the Masquerade,” “Werewolf, the Apocalypse,” and “Changeling, the Dreaming;” Gold Rush Games, whose ‘Shiki’ has been nominated for a 2000 Origins award; and Flying Buffalo, makers of “Tunnels and Trolls,” the “Nuclear War” card game and founders of the Play by Mail industry among others. A complete vendor and speaker list is available on the web site.


“Eternal Tempest Productions is very excited to be a part of this convention. As a web based design group, our artists and writers are scattered across the globe. Indeed even our loyal fans are separated by miles and miles of Earth.” said Rich Garner, CEO of Eternal Tempest, adding that “a web based convention allows game makers and players from across the entire planet to come together [to] expand their horizons and discover new games, tactics and strategies as well as build new relationships.”


RPG Seminar topics range from Sandy Antunes’ “Is The Industry Doomed?” to Ed Diana’s “Using Fractal Mapper” to Aaron Williams’ “Nodwick & self publishing” to “RPGs and Me” — a round-table panel discussion. Game Masters (AKA …

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Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

An Illegal “Prohibition” Revisited the Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

When asked to write a feature article on Internet Casino Gambling and legislative efforts to ban it, I had no idea what the state of the law was and what those double-speak, moralistic, starch-necked congressional politicians were trying to do.

There were some specific questions that needed to be answered and I was asked to use my legal experience to ferret out and evaluate the answers. I had no idea who Senator Kyl [Arizona], Congressman Goodlatte [Virginia], and Congressman Leach [Iowa], were, what their responses would be, or for that matter, what they were really trying to accomplish.

I have been interested in casino gambling for years. By profession, I am a criminal defense attorney actively practicing in Los Angeles, California for over 31 years.

The first thing I did was to ask the following questions: [1] Why do they think their bill is important? [2] What they hope to accomplish by it? [3] Isn’t this “Prohibition” all over again? [4] Can the bill really be enforced in foreign countries? [5] Wouldn’t it be better to regulate, rather then to forbid? And, [6] Would they be willing to review ideas on how they could actually regulate the Internet Casino Gambling industry in a win-win scenario?

Next, I went into the Internet and downloaded these legislators’ bills. Senator Kyl’s and Congressman Goodlatte’s bills are specifically designed to be a “prohibition” on all forms of Internet Casino gambling. Another more subtle, but equally insidious approach was Congressman Leach’s bill, which is designed as a “prohibition” on the use of your credit cards and checking accounts to participate in Internet Casino gambling. I also reviewed a good number of congressional sessions’ transcripts, press-statements and news accounts/interviews by these representatives. I began to think about this situation and asked myself questions . . . if playing poker and blackjack are legal in casinos all over the United States [and the rest of the world for that matter];

  1. What is the logic of making it illegal to do the same thing, merely because one is using the Internet? 2. How can they actually expect people to abide by such an unconstitutional prohibition? 3. Aren’t they going to make criminal offenders out of otherwise normally law-abiding citizens? 4. Aren’t they missing a tremendous opportunity to generate income for government by taxation, licensing fees, use fees or any other name they wish to use for charging fees to the Internet Casino entities for permitting them to conduct their business? 5. Is it that these legislators do not like the Internet or is it that they do not like “gambling”? But, what about horse racing, dog racing, Indian Casinos, lotteries, bingo, why aren’t they trying to prohibit their existence?

I had to speak with the legislators and hear for myself their reasoning.

I telephoned Congressman’s Goodlatte’s office in Washington, D.C. I spoke with Michelle Semones, his press secretary, a number of whose press releases I had already read. Ms. Semones stated that Congressman Goodlatte “would like to make …

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Qiu Qiu

The Fastest Column in the World of Qiu Qiu

Superfectas—The Nine-Point Game

Superfecta games in Jai-Alai change the betting landscape. Superfecta matches are played to 9 points instead of the normal 7 and determine the first four places of finish instead of three. Some see this just as an opportunity to snag a super and take home the big bucks, but in reality it alters the statistical probabilities and hopefully your betting strategy as well.

The only real difference between the 7- and 9-point game is the total points needed to win, but it does have a profound effect on the statistical probabilities for the order of finish. For example, in a 7-point game, the eight post would have to win four times their first time up to win the game. That would be one single point and three double points using Spectacular 7 scoring. Remember that all points double after the first round of play. That means in any 7-point game the eight team has a 1 in 16 chance of winning the game their first time up.

In a 9-point game, the eight post would have to win five times their first time up to win the Qiu Qiu game (one single and four doubles). That makes the probability of them winning the game their first time up 1 in 32 instead of 1 in 16. Statistically, that means that in a 9-point game that the eight post is only half as likely to win the game their first time as they are in a 7-point game. The reason I’m stating this is that Super games are longer than 7-point games, and the improbable orders of finish become more probable. The unlikely scenarios don’t seem that much more likely if you view the game as a 2-point difference (7 vs. 9), but if you view it as each team only has about half the chance of winning on their turn, as compared to a 7-point game, then it’s easy to see how big of an impact it really is.

Another quick example: If the two-post gets three points the first time up, then the odds to win the game their second time up in a 7-point game would be 1 in 4 (two double points), and in a 9-point game 1 in 8 (three doubles). The high posts (5, 6, 7) really have a better chance to come in the money in a Superfecta game. Don’t forget: that goes for all the rare combinations, like the 2-6-5 trifecta, as well. The 4, 5 and 6 posts are almost assured an extra turn in a 9-point game.

The only high post whose stock doesn’t go up as much is the eight team. In a 7-point game the eight-post has somewhat of an advantage to finish in the money because of the double point factor. In a 9-point game, being buried at the bottom of the rotation reduces that advantage. The Superfecta match in Jai-Alai has more time to develop than a 7-point game and helps give all the …

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Why We Don’t Like Playing Ligaz11 Against Maniacs Even Though We Really Should

“How should I play when there’s a maniac at the table?” Good question! We all know what a maniac is. He is overly aggressive, and that’s putting it mildly. If “be selective but be aggressive” is poker’s underlying mantra, the maniac is the guy who’s half way there. He’s aggressive, all right. But he missed out on the selective part of this lesson entirely.


Although even casual players realize that unmitigated aggression is a blueprint for losing money — at least it will be in the long run — a maniac’s presence at the table really does affect one’s choice of starting hands as well as other strategic decisions during the play of a hand. Moreover, maniacs seem to intimidate many players, and even though these players realize they’ll make more money in the long run because of a maniac’s presence in the game, many of them long for quieter games with less visceral impact.


Maniacs, or course, thrive on this sort of thing. They love running over other players and the more they can intimidate their opponents, the happier they are. If it sounds like the prototypical schoolyard bully, you’ve got a pretty good picture of a maniac at the ligaz11 poker table. But even though you realize that maniacs play incorrectly — and are thereby playing into your hands as a consequence — when someone constantly raises, or makes it three-bets by reraising every chance he gets, it can be disconcerting as well as intimidating.


When a maniac raises, you’ll seldom know what he has. Is it legitimate, or is he bluffing? Since a maniac is capable of raising with absolutely anything — or even nothing — conclusions are hard to draw with any certainty. When someone constantly raises, you know he can’t have the goods all the time. That’s not the issue. It’s figuring out when he has a real hand that’s the toughie.


Let’s describe the characteristics of a typical maniac. If you bet, he’ll raise – even when he doesn’t have a hand to support his action. If you check, he’ll bet. He, on the other hand, seldom checks, unless he is in early position, really has the goods, and is trying to trap a number of opponents by checkraising.


When someone bets, the maniac usually raises. If you reraise, he is more likely to make it four bets than give you credit for a big hand and simply call. He is the embodiment of an action player – albeit one who consistently shows too much speed by overvaluing and overplaying his hand. He wants to get as much money in the pot as often as possible, and frequently does. Maniacs are ego driven. Betting, raising, or reraising are the measures of a maniac’s manhood. He’d rather bully you out of a pot than beat you in a showdown. Maniacs also self-destruct and go broke quite regularly, but they frequently take a number of others down with them.


With …

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สล็อตแตกง่าย wallet

High Stakes for สล็อตแตกง่าย wallet Net Gambling

The Internet hosts over 700 online gaming sites, generating billions of dollars (US$) in revenue, yet you can bet that this is one industry your local officials are not likely to woo.

Legal issues notwithstanding — online gaming is officially prohibited by the 1961 Wire Act — cities that count on revenue from the gaming industry and the tourism that accompanies it find that the Internet poses a viable threat to their bottom line.

Impressive Numbers

A recent report from the online gaming industry estimates that there are one million Americans who gamble online each day and 4.5 million who have used the Internet to gamble at least once.

That “investment” blossomed into a $1.1 billion industry in 1999, a sum that is expected to increase to $3 billion by 2002, according to gambling industry consulting firm the River City Group.

While online gaming is worth a small fortune in cyberspace, its benefits are not enjoyed by real-world cities and communities. Critics argue that online gaming cannot help construct a tourist industry or generate economic growth in a city or native American reservation.

‘No Public Purpose’

According to regulatory officials like Dan Hennigan of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, states with substantial legal gaming infrastructure are feeling the heat from online competitors. New Jersey officials fear that online gaming companies may not only rob Atlantic City of gaming dollars but of tourist industry dollars as well.

“We have concerns about online gambling and how effectively it can be regulated,” said Hennigan. “From a public policy standpoint, it would not be appropriate to legalize online gambling because nobody can find the public purpose.”

New Jersey adopted the gaming industry as a direct attempt to infuse cash into depressed city treasuries. “Casinos were approved as a unique tool of urban redevelopment for Atlantic City,” Hennigan explained.

The Casino Control Commission credits the gaming industry with investing $6 to $7 billion into the Atlantic City economy over the years. Casinos, the commission argues, have provided 48,000 jobs for employees directly connected to the casinos, and roughly 41,000 jobs in ancillary businesses associated with Atlantic City’s gaming industry.

“Casinos have invested enormous sums to rebuild Atlantic City,” added Hennigan. “Online casinos don’t create jobs and investment.”

Motown Casinos Not Concerned

Legalized gambling has only recently been introduced in Michigan, and the state’s Gaming Control Board does not consider online สล็อตแตกง่าย wallet gaming a threat to the burgeoning gaming industry in the Detroit area. Two casinos have opened since voters approved gambling on a statewide ballot in 1996, and another casino is expected to open this fall.

Both operational casinos are enjoying better-than-expected revenue: the MGM takes in approximately $1 million per day and the Motor City Casino earns $800,000. It is too early, however, to see how many ancillary jobs and investment dollars the new Detroit casinos have generated.

Bob Nelson, director of communications at the Board, doubts that online gambling has had any impact on Detroit’s nascent gaming industry.

“I can’t even …

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Togel Singapore

High Rollin’ and Judi Bola Online

You want high limits. You need quality gaming software. You demand attentive service, secure transactions and VIP rewards. You, my friend, are a High Roller. And this is where you play…

$1500 Limits at William Hill

William Hill is one of the world’s largest and most respected gaming companies, with more than 10,000 employees and a reputation for integrity and professionalism that stretches back 65 years.

William Hill’s online casino offers some of the highest limits on the Web. The maximum bet on quintessential high-roller games — baccarat, blackjack and roulette — is $1500. You can play in US dollars or British pounds sterling.

When you play at William Hill you will automatically be enrolled in a Comp Club where you earn points with each bet you make — regardless of whether you win or lose. Each month your Comp points will be converted to cash at the rate of $1 for each 100 points.

William Hill maintains customer balances in cash, or cash equivalent, ensuring that 100% of each customer’s balance is available for immediate withdrawal.

If the British flavor of William Hill isn’t to your taste, try InterCasino instead. They offer similar games, limits and service, and also have a solid reputation.

USA Casino’s VIP Room

USA Casino was one of the first casinos on the Internet, and is still widely regarded as one of the best. The site is operated by the InterContinental Casino Group, one of the largest and longest-established online entertainment companies in the world.

InterContinental has a well-earned reputation of operating its Togel Singapore casinos to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. InterContinental’s vice president, Shaun McCamley, has over 22 years experience in the casino business, which includes managing the now well-known International Room at the Burswood Resort Casino in Perth, West Australia, setting up two new casino establishments in Macedonia in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, and general managing the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino in the Northern Marianas Islands.

USA’s calling card has always been its exceptional games. The graphics, by Swedish games developer Boss Media, are absolutely mind-blowing. You won’t find better casino graphics anywhere on the Net.

You can bet up to $500 per hand on blackjack and up to $1000 on roulette and baccarat in USA Casino’s virtual “VIP room.”

Unfortunately, USA does not have a Comp or VIP rewards program.

$6000 Roulette at Global-Player

If high-stakes roulette is your game, you’ll be hard-pressed to find higher limits than those at Global Player. The site has a $300 limit on number bets (inside bets) and a $6000 maximum on even chance bets (outside bets). Both American and European rules are available. Global Player is highly regarded by online gambling enthusiasts.

Baccarat is not available at Global Player, however, and blackjack limits are capped at $300.

Boss’s Gold Club Casino

Gold Club Casino, like USA Casino, uses software by Boss Media. In fact, Gold Club is run by Boss Media! The site has been accepting bets since 1997. The …

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situs judi poker

He Just Would Not “Surinder”

As I watched the heads-up match, I was struck by the manner in which Surinder conducted himself. He was stalwart and untouchable. When I later asked him about his play at that crucial time, he said Tony G. was trying to get to him, but he remained like a manikin, barely accessible and hardly hearing Tony G. at all. He explained that he doesn’t play many tournaments anymore because of the rigorous concentration that is required.

I was told a story about Surinder’s concentration, which he verified during our interview. He was playing a no-limit hold’em tournament at The Bicycle Casino years ago. There were three players left when his friend Devilfish Ulliott approached and told him that Princess Diana had tragically died in a car accident. Although he felt like he could think of nothing other than the tragedy, he turned inward to the place where he has total concentration and still won.

After watching hours of continuous taunting, and seeing Surinder remain expressionless, it was no surprise that after he won, he for the most part continued to remain unresponsive. In many of the victory photos, Surinder remained inexpressive, as if he wasn’t exactly there yet.

Surinder Sunar’s Inspiration

Although both of Surinder’s parents are deceased, he remains exceedingly close to one family member. His Grandfather Shiv Singh is a healthy 104 years old and still lives in Dhinpur Punjab, India, where both Surinder and his grandfather were born. They both speak Punjabi, which is a Hindi dialect.

Surinder will soon go to India to visit his grandfather. He mentioned that his grandfather is the only human being he knows who has lived through three centuries. When Surinder visits his grandfather in India, he loves being there and feels that he can finally relax and feel calm. The photo below depicts Surinder with his grandfather 17 years ago, when Surinder first began playing poker.

Surinder is also close to his older brother, Onkar, for whom he has the utmost respect. When Surinder was 7 years old, his parents moved the family from India to England. Onkar inspires Surinder because of whom he has become, given the adversity they faced as children. The young boys came to England not speaking the language, and Onkar worked very hard to become a successful engineer and now is the CEO of a successful situs judi poker company. Not only has Onkar earned a black belt in karate, he has achieved the honor of a 6th Dan (called a Rokudan). He taught Surinder, who also is a black belt. His teaching helped give Surinder confidence, patience, and a sense of calm.…

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QQ Online Pkv

Van Gaal was lost in Qiu Qiu Online Pkv translation

“In Louis Van Gaal we have secured the services of one of the outstanding managers in the game today…His track record…makes him the perfect choice for us.”

So said Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward two years ago.

The stentorian Dutchman left the sport this week on a bitter-sweet note. Having said repeatedly his family do not want him to continue, it seems he has completed his last coaching role, although we may see him again as a technical consultant in Holland.

He won the F.A. Cup in his final match but received his P45 in the evening via a press leak. Overall his Old Trafford reign goes down as a failure but the club thought they had hired a man to bring the good times back.

Manchester United have faced the expected baggage of criticism for a sloppy dismissal but in truth there was little they could do to stop the Qiu Qiu Online Pkv news escaping through some nook and cranny of the fortress of Old Trafford.

The same criticism was levelled at the club in the wake of David Moyes’ firing, but reading between the lines it appears Van Gaal knew his fate well before the F.A. Cup Final and probably the dye was cast the loss at West Ham ended hopes of Champions League qualification.

Chief Executive Ed Woodward officially told his manager he would not be required next season on the Sunday after their F.A. Cup win the day before, but the news had filtered out the night before.

At least Van Gaal did not suffer the indignity of being sacked four games before the end of the campaign, as happened to Moyes.

Van Gaal’s choppy ride with the Red Devils never found a prolonged stretch of smooth water to sail in and suffered from constant rumblings of discontent from supporters and pundits, not least former Old Trafford star Paul Scholes, who persistently stuck the knife in on Sky TV.

Van Gaal was lost in translation.

This is the same Paul Scholes who said in 2014 on the occasion of Van Gaal’s appointment that, “Manchester United fans and myself cannot wait for Louis Van Gaal to get the job started. Van Gaal seems to have the Midas touch.”

Scholes then did not take long to notice a pattern of inconsistent form, a stark lack of rapport with the press and above all a soporific playing style jarringly out of keeping with the club’s traditions.

A slew of damning statistics show his side kept the ball more than any other team in the Premier League and played it backwards more than anyone too while netting fewer goals than any United team since 1990.

His win ratio of 52.43% was the lowest of the eight coaching positions he has held in his career. In failing to make the Champions League next season, the Dutchman had also cost the club £22.5 million in payments from Adidas.

In this case at least, the stats do not lie.

Finishing fourth …

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Togel Online

Doha: City of Togel Online Traffic



Can Qatar host a successful World Cup in 2022? That’s probably a moot question in terms of the Asian Cup, since so much of the country resembles an open construction site.


Eleven years is a long time between tournaments, and no doubt the army of construction workers who clog the footpaths and carparks of this tiny Togel Online desert nation will work overtime to transform Qatar from its present dusty state into a shining beacon of the Gulf.


For now, though, Asian Cup fans are left to struggle with a more pressing logistical problem – the traffic.


Doha: City of Traffic

The US government once suggested driving in Doha is akin to risking life and limb, which is why it makes more sense to employ the services of one of the city’s daring band of taxi drivers.


He’ll almost always hail from India – or Nepal, or Sri Lanka or a similar neighbouring state – and most crucially, he’ll treat other road users and pedestrians with the contempt they deserve when time is of the essence.


And time is always of the essence in Doha – in peak hour, at any rate – when you’re stranded on Al Waab Street behind miles of stationary traffic. Fortunately the problem is solved by simply driving along the dusty shoulder, as pedestrians scurry and law-abiding citizens curse the temerity of your admittedly deranged cabbie.


So, can Qatar successfully host the World Cup? We’ll see. But they’ll need to build some more roads first. And they’ll need to increase their insurance premiums.


Oh, and one more thing. They’ll need import some more cabbies; ones with bravado and courage and a complete lack of respect for the road rules.


Kenny jumps back into the fire


What a difference a minute makes.


Anfield hero Kenny Dalglish, returning as Liverpool’s manager after a decade’s sabbatical, was an unexpected picture of sunny composure before kick-off against Manchester United today, relaxed and joking about his upcoming assault on Mount Everest.


Was this smiling Scot the same Dalglish whose tense and dour façade confronted the cameras the last time he was in charge at Anfield? The same manager would often slip into thick Glaswegian to deliberately confuse the pesky interviewers, until the unresolved pain of Hillsborough meant he could bottle his inner turmoil up no longer.


His resignation in 1991 following a grueling 4-4 derby draw, came as a real shock. We know top managers are under permanent pressure, particularly when relegation fears place them under what they themselves call ‘deathwatch’, but they do not tend to walk out citing stress when their teams are riding high.


King Kenny had unfinished business with the Reds, and mentally as well as physically had never left Liverpool, but it took 90 seconds, not minutes today in Manchester, to remind him that football folk are crazy. A controversial penalty, courtesy of a Dimitar Berbatov fall to earth, pushed …

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