Roberto Romanello Wins keluaran hk Bratislava, Inches Closer to Triple Crown


Roberto Romanello, a Full Tilt Red Pro, took down keluaran hk Bratislava on April 3rd. Romanello, who hails from Wales, captured an EPT title in Prague, collecting €640,000.

The WPT Bratislava Main Event attracted 211 players. The tournament was held in the Slovakian capital at the Golden Vegas Casino. Each runner ponied up €2,500+€220 to form a prize pool of almost €500,000.

Bodo Sbrzesny, a Party Poker Pro from Germany, joined Romanello alongside several amateurs at the final table. Unfortunately, Sbrzesny made an early exit in 7th place. He collected €17,000.


Romanello started the final table as the chip leader and bested Mayu Roca heads-up to claim ultimate victory. The two competitors battled for almost three hours before the two players got all-in before the flop. It was a classic race situation – Romanello’s pocket fives versus Roca’s big slick. Roca failed to improve and Romanello shipped it crucial.

Romanello’s win represent 2/3 of the live poker triple crown. Romanello already has an EPT and a WPT title under his belt. The next step? A WSOP bracelet.

Congratulations and best of luck to Romanello at the WSOP this summer!

Nikitina Natalia Claims First WPT Event

Sam Trickett, sitting second place at the final table, owned the spotlight. In 2011, Trickett has already earned $2,892,889 and was the clear favorite to win in the World Poker Tour National Series in Paris. That is until he quickly doubled up three opposing players, and by the beginning of Tuesday’s final play, Trickett sat in the backseat at seventh place.

One round of pocket fives versus pocket nines later, Trickett made an exit at sixth place, adding a hefty €43,545 to his 2011 winnings. At the end of the day, however, Trickett was forgotten and Russian newcomer Nikitina Natalia became the first female champion in a WPT National Series event.

Natalia simply replied, “It’s cool,” when asked about her win. Her win was all but easy, though, as she waded through 188 players to face Alexandre Brivot in the final heads-up confrontation. Natalia faced two all-in bets, behind each time, but both times she hit the right cards to double up. With that little bit of luck on her side, she managed to take home the title and a sizable €243,830 purse.

Previously, Natalia’s biggest win was placing second in a €300 buy-in an EPT Ladies tournament in Vienna. With this new addition to her bankroll, Natalia plans on advancing her poker career and entering more WPT events.

Final table results:

  1. Natalia Nikitina (€243,830)
  2. Alexandre Brivot (€174,170)
  3. Jean-Louis Tepper (€113,210)
  4. Benjamin Pollak (€69,670)
  5. Tobias Wagner (€52,250)
  6. Sam Trickett (€43,545)
  7. Ingo Paulus (€34,835)
  8. Nicolo Calia (€26,120)
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Dry, cracked skin, as against the bloodless in a few simple steps

Dry skin and cracked because of cold? Do not angst In sight of Christmas whether you need to appear off a skin soft ideal regardless the bloodless  temperatures external agents to expose the assertive playing of early intervention is possible without elixir miraculous, but with some easy normal intellect precautions.

We dermatologists suggest preserve skin avoiding as much as possible without exposing screens bloodless air and weather. Wrap the face, neck and hands with warm winter accessory that, like the protective role played by UV sunscreen in summer, are necessary and not mere optional for winter health. Depart the house ever well covered, armed gloves, scarf and hat.

The skin To ignore appearing dry and dried, should be well hydrated, memorize Drinking abundance of water even in winter, when the stimulus to the thirst might be diminished but the require for skin hydration it is not definite. Imbibe abundance of well-maintained hydrated also lips. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

moisturizing cream 2 Dry, cracked skin, as against the bloodless in a few simple steps

Also to rein the risk of Dry Skin, you’re not too near to his face heat sources such as fireplaces and stoves. It’s loyal that the bloodless helps chapping skin but do not ever believe that winter is just too much heat to cause dryness. In the shower, for example, or during a hot bath, ignore using too much hot water that deprives the skin of its oil, as well as avoiding soaps too assertive. Better to choose for products as well as for detergents and for massage, the aloe vera, Comfrey, tea tree oil, calendula or colloidal oatmeal.

sing warm water, the busy ingredients are absorbed into the skin further and to return epidermis a natural freshness. When you exit the shower, resist the temptation to dry instantly and dressed. Better to rub the skin with the towel, and depart slightly wet, then rub a moisturizing cream to maintain the softness all day.

If your skin is very delicate also used lotions and oils for the care of children, numerous adults do to ignore taking risks with products too assertive.

rest skin 3 Dry, cracked skin, as against the bloodless in a few simple steps

Memorize not to smoking and do not use cruel chemicals. It important to maintain a diet  balanced, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables and reside away from foods lofty in fat, processed, or by substances like caffeine and alcohol, depriving the skin of necessary minerals.

Another advice, as easy as better financial or release, is sleep sufficient, since to maintain glowing skin essential to assure that cellular repair that occurs during the night.

Beyond the weather, the Dry Skin can be caused by other factors, genetic, or due to the inability of the glands to lubricate properly epidermis.

And still to a diet too stern or to deficiencies of vitamins A and B. It could also be due to hypothyroidism …

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A shot in the gut for Gutshot togel  Poker Club owner

Derek Kelly, the owner of Gutshot private members’ poker club in Clerkenwell Road, central London, last week lost his landmark case at togel  Crown Court in East London.


Kelly, 46, was trying to win his battle to get the game of poker recognised as immune from gambling legislation. He argued that poker was a game of skill and should be subject only to the same laws as chess and bridge.


He fought prosecution for running an unlicensed club but was convicted by a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court in East London. He will be sentenced on a date to be fixed, but Judge Simon Wilkinson indicated Kelly will not be jailed. The club boss will also have to pay legal fees in excess of £23,000, and now faces the closure of his Gutshot private members’ club.


Kelly had been charging his punters an entrance fee of £22 and creamed more than ten per cent off the pots they won, which could hit thousands of pounds. Kelly, of Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland, was convicted of illegally charging a levy on the winnings and illegally charging a fee to take part in breach of the 1968 Gaming Act.


The court was turned into a card school as Mr Trembath demonstrated the rules of Texas Hold’em – the game most widely played in serious poker. Prosecutor Graham Trembath accepted there was an element of skill but said ultimately the game depended on the turn of a card.


EPT Scandinavian Open winner was alsoWorld Backgammon Champ


The EPT Scandinavian Open tournament, which ended on Sunday, had 288 entrants, generating a prize pool of just under 8,000,000 Kr (€1m).


Mads Andersen, a 35-year-old from Copenhagen, emerged the winner. Mads earned 2,548,070 Kroner (€341,000), for his win, as well as a €10,000 seat for the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, to be held 7th-11th March, 2007.


Mads was the World Backgammon Champion in 2002, but switched his focus to poker soon after with lucrative results.


Afterwards Mads commented; “I’ve been playing really well recently and I felt it was only a matter of time before I won a major title”. But it was no easy win for him, for the final table saw a fight to the finish for a record 10 hours.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd withdraws from US


Bingo Entertainment Ltd, the provider of several popular online bingo sites, has announced that as of 23rd January 2007, it will no longer accept bets from players resident in the US.


A Bingo Entertainment Ltd spokesman said “This decision was made due the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which was passed by US congress in October 2006, and the delays relating to the drafting and implementing of these regulations. We very much regret that due to these circumstances that are beyond our control, we can no longer offer our popular bingo games to our players in the US, many of whom have been …

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Gus Hansen will return as the face of Full Tilt Poker

“The Great Dane” becomes re-launched site’s first brand ambassador


toto hk today announced that international poker star and tournament legend Gus Hansen will return as brand ambassador for the site, which plans to re-open for real-money poker on November 6, 2012.


In August, PokerStars obtained the assets of Full Tilt Poker and committed to reimburse Full Tilt Poker customers whose accounts have been inaccessible since the previous management closed the site in June 2011.


Full Tilt Poker’s customers outside the U.S. can soon look forward to accessing their accounts and playing on the re-launched site [where regulations permit], confident that they are supported by PokerStars’ history of integrity combined with Full Tilt Poker’s track record of delivering the highest quality online poker experience.


Hansen, a poker icon and four-time WPT champion, already boasts career tournament earnings of nearly $11.2 million and is widely considered to be one of the best all-around players in the world – whether it be large tournaments, live cash games or online. As a former Full Tilt Pro, Hansen, 38, is excited to be returning to one of the world’s leading poker brands.


He said: “I’m very excited to represent the industry’s most authentic poker brand. Full Tilt Poker has the best games, most innovative software and the strongest poker community; to me this feels like coming home.”


“Gus is one of the best-known and most respected names in the poker community,” said Sarne Lightman, the newly-appointed Head of Marketing at Full Tilt Poker. “Gus has always embodied the best characteristics of the Full Tilt Poker brand and we are thrilled to have him return as an ambassador.”


“Expect plenty more news in the coming weeks,” states Lightman. “More international pros, exciting launch promotions and the return of Full Tilt Poker as the world’s most innovative poker site.”


Players can start playing on Full Tilt Poker from November, 6 2012


For more information contact


About Full Tilt Poker is a leading poker brand known for delivering the most authentic online poker experience in the world. Full Tilt Poker’s innovative software, game design and game play make it the online home for serious poker players.


Full Tilt Poker is being re-launched in November 2012 by The Rational Group, which also operates PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site. Full Tilt Poker plans to operate globally under license from the Isle of Man, which provides rigorous regulatory oversight and deploys the best practices in ensuring player fund protection and the security and integrity of online poker.


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Steem Hard fork Successful Creating Hive. Steem Price Crashes


Yesterday as a result of a hard fork on the Steem blockchain, a new coin emerged: “Hive”. The fork ended with full success. The first version of the Hive protocol is a direct copy of the existing blockchain Steem. Small changes have been made to the Hive code to increase network decentralization.

Hive network is already working

Currently, the Hive network works flawlessly, existing Steem accounts have appeared in the new network. It is worth adding that they are independent of each other, changes made in one of them do not have a direct impact on the second user account. Importantly, most of the content was copied automatically, and the hard fork Steem does not affect transactions on the network.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world: Binance and Huobi, announced a few days earlier that they would support Steem hard forks. Each STEEM token handler will receive Hive in a 1 to 1 ratio.

On March 18, the market responded positively to the news about the fork. The STEEM rate has risen sharply from around $ 0.12 to $ 0.40 on March 19. Currently, the bitcoin dice price crashed and is hovering around $ 0.18 according to coinmarketcap.

What’s next with Steem?

The controversial takeover of Stemm Inc. by Justin Sun caused indignation in circles uniting the popular platform. In the eyes of many supporters, the acquisition of Steem by Sun is tantamount to a complete impairment of the platform. This is not about the STEEM course itself, but about ” value in the form of intellectual property, branding and experienced blockchain and frontend developers”. All Steem developers have resigned from further cooperation immediately after taking over the platform.

A group of 30 programmers decided to create a new project: Hive. As they say, the idea will be the same. Hive introduces security measures that protect the network against “governance attacks,” or sudden takeovers of blockchain control.

The team behind Hive adds a 30-day delay in transferring voting rights to the blockchain. The delay will help smooth the sudden changes in the representatives responsible for securing the chain and checking the correctness of the transaction.

If the vast majority of the former Steem community follows the new Hive project, Justin Sun will get the proverbial “nose stick”. She would stay with a worthless platform, without a community that for many years created its value and determined Steem’s strength.

The biggest strength of any cryptocurrency project was (and hopefully will be) the community, and real fans are not so easy to buy. Apparently, Justin Sun forgot the foundation. Hard fork Steem showed the power of decentralization.

How do you think Steem’s future will unfold? We are waiting for your comments.…

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What are they, why do they exist, and how do you get your share?








“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”




Whoever first uttered that famous expression obviously never went to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Because here in the land of casinos, you can get a free lunch and even a free breakfast, free dinner, free drink, free show and free room. Your ticket to these freebies is the “comp.”




A “comp” is an abbreviation for “complimentary.” It’s the free perks that are given to players in appreciation for their loyal play, regardless of whether they win or lose.




The casinos don’t just hand players a comp because they show up and play. There’s a secret to getting one, and it’s this: You’ve got to ask. That seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many players never ask because they either don’t know any better or, worse, they are too shy to ask. As one smart pit boss told me years ago, “If you don’t get the comps that are available, someone else will.”




Now don’t get me wrong. Not anyone can get an expensive gourmet meal comped simply by asking. But the system is pretty straightforward; the more time and Slot Gacor money you risk at the tables or machines, the greater your chance will be of receiving a more valued comp. The most coveted comp is the RFB, short for free “room, food, and beverage.” Depending on the casino’s policy, you’d have to make (or in some casinos, average) at least $25 minimum bets per hand (more likely, $50-$100) for at least four or more hours per day to garner the RFB.




Why, you might ask, do casinos give players comps at all?




First, comps encourage players to bet at higher levels and for longer periods of time. Most players believe that when they get a comp, they’re getting something for nothing. Also, many are envious of other players who get comped meals, shows or even a room, so they’re determined to get one for themselves. These players play right into the casino’s hands. By betting more and playing longer than they had intended in the pursuit of a comp, most players will end up losing more money than the comp was worth. The casinos know this, which is why they do it. (In Nevada alone, casinos gave away about $500 million in comps last year.)




Here’s a story that happened to a friend of mine. He wanted to impress his business associates (myself included) with a comped “free” dinner at one of Atlantic City’s nicest casino restaurants. So instead of playing blackjack at his normal red chip ($5) betting level for a couple of hours, he played green ($25) chips for six consecutive hours at the same table. Yes, he got the comp for four that he was after. It was a meal that would have cost $350 …

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Captain Cooks Casino – Review

$14 free every month for your first purchase of at least $50 with NETeller or Prepaid ATM

Last updated: 1 MAR 2002I happened by chance upon a new casino which opened at the beginning of the millennium – how I got there I’ll never know. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that Captain Cooks Casino is a licensee of Microgaming, which I consider to be the finest software in the market.

Their website promises 10 minutes response time to support emails – and in all my mailings I have not seen them miss this yet, at any time of day or night! (Editor’s note – Bonuses change on a regular basis – please visit the site for the latest bonus)

The same bonus rules which apply at other casinos applies here – before you can cash in the bonus, you must wager the total amount of the bonus as well as your initial deposit – in my case that was $60. But I must have been unlucky – where I was able to win or at least break even at other casinos, I lost my whole $60.

Before you jump to conclusions, I was almost exclusively a blackjack player, and I play by the book. I only hit video poker or any of the other games when I’ve lost three hands in a row at blackjack – and then usually for just a minute or so before it’s back to the table. Today, I like to play a whole bunch of different games, and usually not blackjack – because I tend to play for the entertainment value.

Most of you will know that playing by the book means following basic strategy, which should give you essentially a 50-50 chance against the casino. So I was a bit surprised to lose the entire investment as quick as I did, must have been one of those runs of cards I encounter in Vegas every single year.

But back to Captain Cooks – as far as play and operation is concerned, it is functionally equivalent to almost every Microgaming casino on the Net. That is a good thing – helps cut down on the learning curve. Everything operates as you would expect to, fast, secure, and fully audited through Microgaming’s proprietary Playcheck and CashCheck systems. I have a full record of my play ever since I started at Captain Cooks Casino, from the size of the bet to the deal of the cards, the exact time, transaction number, probably even the results of a pull on the CashSplash slots (I didn’t check). There will be no safer gaming experience on the Net.

What did surprise me, and set Captain Cooks apart from the rest, was first of all the huge bonus to new players, and second, an email I got from them. Now you think to yourself, all casinos send emails – this is for the most part the truth. But this email was different – Maryann, one of the partners, …

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Togel hari ini

Perawan Scarlett, Bagian Kedua

Jika ada satu hal yang saya pelajari selama pengalaman saya sebagai penjudi online perawan, itu adalah tidak ada yang gratis yang pernah mudah. Namun, karena saya berada di sisi lain, saya mengerti alasan di balik aturan dan peraturan. Saya juga berharap diperlakukan seperti pelanggan yang berharga. Pada tulisan terakhir, saya telah menyetor di tiga kasino yang berbeda, dan menerima bonus saya, meskipun bukan tanpa satu atau dua halangan, dan saya siap untuk menguangkannya.

Sayangnya, dua dari tiga kasino tidak mau menghormati uang saya. Saya menguangkan $85 di satu kasino dan $85,50 di kasino lainnya. Ini pada dasarnya sedikit kurang dari setoran awal saya. Saya diberitahu oleh kedua kasino bahwa bagian bonus dari uang masuk saya ditempatkan kembali di akun kasino saya, karena saya belum memenuhi persyaratan taruhan mereka. Bahwa masalah ini terjadi dengan dua kasino tidak mengherankan, perusahaan yang sama mengoperasikannya.


Saya menemukan bahwa merekam setiap kali Anda mengklik tombol mouse Anda tidak terlalu menghibur, dan bagi saya, mengurangi kesenangan. Namun, saya melacak berapa banyak yang saya pertaruhkan di setiap kasino. Saya merasa telah memenuhi persyaratan taruhan; mereka merasa bahwa saya telah bertaruh sebagian Togel hari ini sebelum bonus diberikan, oleh karena itu taruhan tersebut tidak dihitung. Mereka merujuk saya kembali ke situs web mereka untuk Syarat dan Ketentuan.


Saya sudah meninjau T&C; sebelum menyetor, tetapi saya kembali untuk memeriksa ulang. Lagi pula, bukan praktik yang tidak dikenal untuk memiliki T&C; berubah tanpa pemberitahuan. Dalam hal ini, itu tidak berubah, itu hanya masalah interpretasi, dan kami tampaknya memiliki perbedaan pendapat. Ternyata banyak orang pasti memiliki perbedaan pendapat yang sama, karena email yang saya terima hampir sama, berbentuk surat. Bukankah itu seharusnya menjadi petunjuk pertama bahwa perusahaan mungkin perlu meninjau cara mereka menulis persyaratan? Jika satu orang salah menafsirkan aturan, oke – tetapi jika begitu banyak orang salah menafsirkan aturan yang sama, tulis ulang aturannya!


Setelah beberapa upaya untuk mendapatkan klarifikasi, dan berputar-putar di lingkaran yang sama, saya menyerah dan bertaruh jumlah kecil yang mereka ributkan. Mereka seharusnya menguangkan saya ketika saya pertama kali meminta. Mereka tidak hanya meninggalkan rasa pahit di mulut saya untuk seluruh perusahaan mereka, termasuk kasino yang belum saya coba, tetapi juga, saya menang.


Saya sangat menikmati putaran nasib ini!


Uang masuk saya dari ketiga kasino akhirnya diproses, semuanya berjalan relatif lancar. Mereka masing-masing mengatakan bahwa uang tunai saya akan dikreditkan melalui metode yang sama dengan deposit saya. Mereka masing-masing meminta saya untuk mengisi formulir tentang bagaimana saya ingin sisanya (kemenangan, LOL) dikirimkan kepada saya. Saya mengisi formulir dan menunggu. Itu tidak terlalu lama sebelum ketiga kasino mengkreditkan seluruh uang saya dalam jumlah kembali ke Firepay. Ini bagus, tetapi jika mereka akan mengkreditkan di atas dan di luar setoran awal saya ke Firepay, mengapa mereka meminta saya untuk mengisi formulir lain.


Saat ini, ketika tampaknya seperti keberuntungan untuk benar-benar dibayar, saya benci untuk nitpick, tapi, itu kembali ke layanan pelanggan yang sederhana, yaitu tentang MELAYANI PELANGGAN. Pelanggan, ingat, orang yang mengizinkan perusahaan-perusahaan ini bertahan dalam bisnis? Mereka mengajukan pertanyaan kepada saya, …

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Bitcoin Dice

Battleborn – Everything you need to know about Bitcoin Dice

Don’t be so quick to call it a MOBA. At first glance, Battleborn might look like it fits the ever-popular MOBA formula, with its colorful cast of heroes, AI-controlled minions trotting towards an opposing base, and 5v5-focused multiplayer modes. But developer Gearbox Software would rather you refer to Battleborn as a ‘hero shooter’, because there’s far more going on here than the three-lane action you’re used to. For starters, Battleborn will cost full price ($60 / £44) when it debuts for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3, 2016, so there’s no need to fear the usual trappings of a free-to-play model. And for everyone who’s played and loved the Borderlands series, the story campaign in Battleborn (playable in singleplayer or co-op, no less) looks like it’ll be right up your alley. If you’re wondering what exactly Battleborn’s bombastic FPS action is all about, here’s everything you need to know.


The heroes

As with fighting games and other hero-centric shooters like Overwatch, the roster of characters in Battleborn could very well make or break your interest in the game. Battleborn’s roster will include 25 heroes at launch, hailing from five sci-fi factions that blend nature, magic, and tech: the United Peacekeeping Republics, Eldrid, Last Light Consortium (LLC), Rogues, and Jennerit Imperium. These titular Battleborn have been driven from their homes, and now war over Solus – the last remaining star in the universe – to call it their own.


With heroes come abilities, and each Battleborn has six unique traits (counting passives) that dictate their playstyle. Heroes are classified under three easily understood roles – attacker, defender, or support – but vary wildly in terms of complexity, from simple point-and-shoot gunners like Oscar Mike to tricky melee-attacking healers such as Ambra. You won’t have access to all the heroes right from the get-go, but additional characters are easily unlocked as your overall profile levels up – and it won’t take ages to access the entire cast through play alone, unlike most MOBAs. Because you’ve already paid for a full-price game, you also won’t have to pay an additional cent to earn bonuses like new taunt animations or alternate color palettes for your favorite heroes.


The first-person perspective

While thematically similar games like Smite and Paragon opt for a third-person viewpoint instead of the typical top-down perspective, Battleborn is the first game built to deliver hero battles in first-person. To succeed on this atypical battlefield, you’ll need to do everything you’d normally do in a multiplayer shooter: check your corners, watch out for snipers, and hide behind cover whenever necessary. At first, it can be a lot to take in, especially with Battleborn’s incredibly colorful, vibrant aesthetic (and the fact that certain abilities will momentarily zoom you out to a third-person view). But once you’ve learned your way around a map, mastered your own move kit, and know which flashy abilities to avoid, you’ll be golden.


Speaking of abilities, Battleborn’s controls work beautifully on a plain …

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Bitcoin Dice

The very best games like Bitcoin Dice

The hits just keep on coming, as February dumped another heap of must-play games onto your frighteningly large backlog (better get on that, by the way – 2016 is only just beginning). Besides our Game of the Month picks, you could spend hours perfecting your fighting style in Street Fighter 5, mourning the loss of your best soldiers in XCOM 2 and Fire Emblem Fates, or delighting in the charms of Unravel and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It just goes to show that a month doesn’t need to be packed with AAA games to do a number on both your wallet and free time.

Every month, we pick two games from our multitude of reviews that stand above the rest, getting our full recommendation no matter what type of gamer you are. If you’re already looking forward to all the highly anticipated new games of 2016, playing these excellent titles should tide you over until then.

Firewatch seems like a tranquil game at first. You control Henry as he heads into the Wyoming wilderness to make sure no one burns the place down over the summer. He’s had a lot of life stuff going on lately, and this seems to be a good way to empty his mind and just focus on one day at a time for a bit. He spends his days staring out of a watchtower while Delilah, his supervisor and only form of human contact, exists only as a voice that pipes out of his walkie-talkie. Life finally seems like it’s going to be nice and boring for once – but a disquiet simmers within the Wyoming forests like tinders in drybrush, and uncovering the mystery hidden in the woods provides Firewatch’s biggest draw.

That palpable sense of tension is expertly delivered by its two leads. They talk, they banter, they question and doubt, and their friendship builds and grows realistically, even as it strains under the weight of their job and the bizarre events that unfold around them. The choices you make aren’t life-altering in the typical sense – no branching paths or morality gates here – but they do alter the life of Henry, slowly filling in the cracks of his personality with details of your choosing. Firewatch, then, is a gripping tale about how we deal with the consequences of our actions that’s equal parts suspenseful and grounded, and it’ll keep you glued to your screen from its startling intro right up to its somber finale.

You’re not really in any danger in Layers of Fear, the tale of a painter desperately trying to create the perfect portrait, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy. Favoring atmosphere over gore, Layers of Fear is still quite unsettling despite the fact that death at the hands of the mansion’s ghost may actually be a good option to pursue. The layers of the title don’t just refer to the paint being applied to the canvas, but also to the elements of the tragic …

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